Serving the Chicagoland Market
for over 50 years.

Small Format Digital Printing

BHFX Digital Imaging has the ability reproduce any size document. Whether it is a hard copy or a digital document BHFX Digital Imaging has the tools to get your reproductions done. Being a digital shop allows BHFX Digital Imaging to reproduce your documents to scale, enlarge and reduce to any size. Whether you have small specification documents or large architectural plans, BHFX Digital Imaging can meet any demand.

Premier High Speed - High Volume Digital Solutions

  • Capable of producing over 150,000 Square Feet per Hour
  • Distribution & Fulfillment for jobs of any size
  • Easily send your orders and files to us electronically
  • High Speed scanning of paper originals
  • Document Management Tools & Services
  • Custom Packaging and delivery of your projects

8 Networked Locations

  • Transfer Files quickly and easily around Chicago
  • Pick up where you want for optimal convenience
  • Avoid Costly Shipping Fees

Our dedication to quality and customer service is the catalyst behind the growth and success of BHFX Digital Imaging. Utilizing State of the Art Technologies; combined with over 50 years of experience, BHFX Digital Imaging continued to lead the charge in document printing and management.