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Facility Management & Closeout

Simplicity is a web-based software system for archiving, retrieving, and organizing facility documents. It is targeted at organizations in general education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, utilities, warehouses, energy development and any other organizations with a facilities department.

The success of Simplicity is attributed to our “Point & Click” navigation. There is absolutely no learning curve. Our goal was to create a system that is easy to navigate without any extensive training. Filters utilizing metadata creates for easy retrieval of any and all existing building plans, specifications, warranties, inspection reports, O&M manuals, asbestos info, or any other documentation you may require.

How do we take you from your current hard copy dungeon to an efficient working database?

  • Scan all existing building documents
    • Blueprints require our merge & purge services
      • Eliminate all duplicates and create the most current set of documents per actual project number
  • Tag all data with metadata (doc name, description, discipline, date, doc type, project, and building name)
  • Create layout structure and upload all data

*Once your database is completed BHFX can be written into the specifications for closeout services. CM simply transfers files to BHFX once approved and BHFX handles all the uploading, organization, and tagging of the project documents.